From New York to Morstein: The Daniel Glass Trio - Morstein Jazz Festival

From New York to Morstein: The Daniel Glass Trio - Morstein Jazz Festival

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Do. 10.10.2024

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Das Highlight aus dem Club 44 in New York City:
The Daniel Glass Trio

DANIEL GLASS (drums) has recorded and performed with many chart topping artists from the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bette Midler and Liza Minnelli, to Freddie Cole, Marilyn Maye, Jose Feliciano, even Kiss frontman Gene Simmons. Since 2010, Daniel has been the Monday night house drummer at the legendary Birdland Jazz Club in NYC.

The Daniel Glass Trio is a professional New York City-based ensemble led by award-winning, drummer, author and educator Daniel Glass. Collectively, the band members have performed and recorded with an incredible array of top tier artists, including Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Brian Setzer, Harry Connick Jr., Freddy Cole, Ruben Blades, Jason Marsalis, Kathleen Turner, Lucy Arnaz and even KISS front man Gene Simmons.

The group, which has been together since 2016, shares an eclectic orientation that covers a wide variety of styles and genres. Employing a hard-driving sound and a free-wheeling style of improvisation, the DGT offers a stellar mix of originals and unexpected covers, always in its own unique style.

From The Daniel Glass Trio - featuring three of the busiest and most prolific musicians on the New York jazz scene: Daniel Glass on drums, Sean Harkness on guitar and Michael O'Brien on bass - have created a virtuosic sound that is infectious, fun and incredibly entertaining.

Tipp: Morstein Kultur Festival Tickets für 40 Euro (statt 52 Euro) für das Daniel Glass Trio aus New York und das Jean-Philipe Bordier Quartett aus Paris.

"One of the reasons I love working with Sean and Michael," says Glass, "is that the three of us share a musical 'mission': to live in the moment and go where the music takes us. Each member of this group is a veteran New York jazzman, having spent decades in the trenches working with hundreds of artists - particularly singers. Doing this kind of work has endowed us with a particular sense of empathy - the ability to listen, respond and support unselfishly - while also taking the reins when needed."

"That kind of experience is tailor-made for success in the trio setting," he continues, "where we are unshackled and given the freedom to play what we choose. The resulting musical conversations are broad and deep, nimbly bouncing between style, tempo and dynamic. And yet, the overall effect has the lightness of three kids who've just discovered each other in the sandbox. They continually find delight and surprise in each other's actions - without the need to know exactly where these actions are headed."

"While the trio has been playing together off and on for more than six years," Glass concludes, "it took a pandemic to create the impetus for us to capture our musical mission in a studio setting. The end result is BAM!, a title that might just explain more about the group in a single word than the preceding paragraphs could hope to do. I'm thrilled with the results, and I hope that listening to our music will inspire you to forget about your worldly woes and come join us in the sandbox for a short while."

Joel Lindsey, co-founder of Club44 Records, says "It's always very interesting to me when a musician you are familiar with in one setting steps into a completely different spotlight and reveals a new side of their creativity. That's how I feel about the Daniel Glass Trio and this new project, BAM! Each member of the group is uniquely accomplished and recognized as greats in their respective fields, but to see them come together in this formation is truly inspiring. As soon as I heard what they were coming up with, I knew I wanted Club44 to be involved!"

Für Interessierte, Daniel Glass gibt in der Groovekiste einen Intensive Drummer Kurs.

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